Blood rushing…..loudly 

Drowning any thoughts……

Silencing that part of you that screams……common sense!; hold back! Be careful! What are you doing!!!!
The rush of living on the edge….


As the wind blows past your ears…..

You bend low to take the next corner….


Your brain screams..   “we fell the last time we took that corner too fast,” – the brain,  panicky and gasping for air….screams at you 

Begs you.. 

Entreats you to slow down!

You pause……and slow down….

Round the next bend! 

Screams Adrenaline 

Don’t you feel the warmth of your blood as you take just a little risk?

Have you forgotten the nights stolen reading novels under the blankets with a Torch after night out!

The thrill of having a “Mills and Boons” under the Physics Abbott text….

Ohhh how physics double lessons would fly by as you lost yourself in the Romance of the Scottish Beaches!

The chemistry of the heart in the middle of the dreary Physics sense!

Did you forget the thrill of the evening strolls taken with  your first estate crash behind your parents back!

The Stiffled giggles and stolen glances across the gate on Saturday morning;

The thrill of a secret 

Known only to you! And Him!

Don’t you feel the life surging through your veins!

That’s living

Forget your rational brain

No don’t slow down round the next bend

In fact skid down the bend on your knees

On your hands and knees  if necessary 

Live a little 

Fall in love

Heck! Fall head over heels!

Dare to be happy 


That little fluttering in your heart!

The one that you forgot…

That’s life

When was the last time you lived!


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