Jumbled thoughts!

My mind is everywhere yet nowhere specific. I guess being in a foreign country and foreign culture does that to you.
It’s a contradiction of sorts ….the excitement in the pit of my stomach….the wow!!! Look at that piece of history as I every day look out of the window of my office at the Vatican wall and the imposing building inside. This stirs the little forgotten Catholic girl in me…. slipping and sliding in the mud as I head to catechism classes in Munga…..full of awe and wonder as the teacher told us about the pope and St Peter. …..i wonder……
Then there is the complete befuddled moment when I see my phone ring!

I used to love phone calls and emails…..

For they bear news 

Now my phone rings and there is trepidation in the pit of my stomach

I dread picking up to the sound of “pronto!” Followed by a long sentence…..musical sentence!

Romantic roll to the “r” and rounded vowels !

I will be lucky to pick out my name on the long stream of romantic sounding sentence that is about my internet connection !
How humbling Italy has been!

Now I have a special appreciation of illiteracy 

How belittling and confusing it must be for the big majority of illiterate women and men

Functionally and literary illiterate 

Who walk among us

Who look to glossy billboards and adverts that make no sense to them

Huge colourful words that befuddle their minds 

Fill their brains with incorrigible words and sentences as Rome does to me

And as I attend classes in italian language my quick mind is humbled ….for unlike my arrogant English brain that learnt speed reading;

My italian brain must read and reread and reconstruct vowels and consonants 

And even then few make sense

The arrogance of the English mentality

Brought to its knees by the musical yet intimidating and welcoming italian mindset 

Italy is a lesson on humility for me.


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